Further information

Teaching and Assessment

There are examinations after completion of most courses in the first and second years, and at the end of the academic session for most Level 3 and 4 courses. Some assessment is by project work based on practical statistical, financial and actuarial problems solved in the computer labs.

Professional Recognition and Exemptions

The Actuarial Science degree is fully accredited by the UK actuarial profession and offers potential exemptions from all core technical subjects of the professional examinations of the Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries. Because of this it offers a fast-track start to the process of becoming a qualified actuary.

Prizes and Scholarships

The value of our degrees is recognised by employers who provide generous prizes. Currently, prizes are provided by Scottish Life, Scottish Mutual, Scottish Widows, Standard Life and GAAPS. The University offers limited scholarships to applicants. Please visit the Scholarship website for full details and conditions.