Mechanical Engineering BEng

  • UCAS code H300
  • Duration Up to 4 years
  • Delivery type Full Time
  • Study location Edinburgh
  • Number of places 85 across all programmes


The Course

Mechanical Engineering offers an exciting environment where many skills are brought together to create innovative products and the infrastructure and technology for manufacture. The first two years provide a grounding in the core disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, which allows students to make an informed choice of the subsequent options. An individual project forms part of fourth year.

Career Prospects

Graduates are in constant demand. Many engineers make their careers in established areas, perhaps in the infrastructure industries of energy and transportation or the design and manufacture of advanced equipment. Others find rewarding careers meeting the challenges of applying new materials and intelligent systems to products and manufacturing processes.

Programme content

Level 1

Emphasis is on developing basic mathematical, scientific and communication skills. Topics include Design and Manufacture; Materials Science; Computer Applications; Engineering Science; and Foundation Mathematics.

Level 2

Subjects include Strength of Materials; Machine Dynamics; Applied Thermodynamics; Fluid Dynamics;Materials Engineering; Design and Manufacture; Control Engineering; and Instrumentation.

Level 3

Subjects include Strength of Materials; Machine Dynamics; Applied Thermodynamics; Fluid Dynamics; Materials Engineering; Design and Manufacture; Control Engineering; and Instrumentation.

Level 4

Students choose specialist subjects and carry out an individual project drawn from a range of topics. Taught subjects include Management; Manufacturing and Design assignments; and options from Fluid Mechanics; Thermodynamics; Strength of Materials; and Machine Dynamics. MEng students may also select from Computer Aided Design, Computing and Numerical Techniques.

Your career

Graduate profiles

Lucy Gardiner

  • Degree BEng in Mechanical Engineering with Diploma in Industrial Training
  • Present job Mechanical Engineer at BP Grangemouth
Lucy Gardiner

"I secured a 10-week summer placement with BP at Grangemouth at the end of third year. As a result I was keen to work for the Diploma in Industrial Training and so continued my placement with BP for a full year. I was involved in a pump improvement project and in co-ordinating plant maintenance.

"I have since been working with BP as Commissioning Engineer on a GBP180M new polyethylene plant. I enjoyed the responsibility and superb training programmes.

"My degree gave me an excellent technical grounding, team skills and, along with the management courses, a handle on modern day industry."

Richard Kent

  • School Teesdale Comprehensive, Durham
  • Degree BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • Present job Product Development Group Leader at FMC Kongsberg Subsea, Dunfermline
Richard Kent

"I joined FMC after graduating in Mechanical Engineering. The company supplies subsea equipment for the oil industry and, in the Dunfermline design office where I work, 10 of the 30 engineering graduates are from Heriot-Watt.

"I think of designing new products as a creative art-form because the hardware has to be extremely reliable in a difficult environment. Work has taken me to Rio, Singapore, Europe and the USA."

Entry requirements

The University offers as its normal entry routes:

  • entry at Level 1, mainly for students with Scottish Highers (or similar)
  • entry at Level 2, mainly for students with A-levels (or similar).

There is nevertheless considerable flexibility, depending on the level of qualifications, for entrants with A-levels to opt to enter at Level 1 and for Scottish students to enter at Level 2. Direct entry into Level 3 is also possible for students who already have certain HE qualifications.

Level 1 entry

  • Highers AABB or BBBBB
  • A-Levels BBB
  • Int. Baccalaureate 30 points to include Higher Level Mathematics and Physics
  • Scottish Baccalaureate pass with BC in Adv. Higher Maths and Physics
  • Additional information The subjects studied must include Mathematics and either Physics, Technological Studies or Engineering Science. A qualification in Chemistry is also an advantage.

Level 2 entry

  • A-Levels ABB
  • Advanced Highers ABB
  • Scottish Baccalaureate Distinction with AB in Adv. Higher Mathematics and Physics
  • Additional information The subjects studied must include Mathematics and either Physics or Technology Studies.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for 2016 entry (by residency status)
Status*Scotland / EU**England / Northern Ireland / WalesInternational
FeePaid by SAAS£9,000£17,100

* Your residency 'status' is usually defined as the country where you have been ordinarily resident for the 3 years before the start of your programme. Find out more about tuition fees.

** European Union countries, not including England, Northern Ireland or Wales.

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